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Re-ordering - updates from 28/2/16

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Reordering Report as appearing in July & August 'Seasight'
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The Organ builders and audio-visual team are working in the church at present.  Next week should see the return of the glass maker to supervise fitting the steel frame in the tower arch.  Otherwise, nothing to report.

                                                                                    Tom Mitcham, 2nd June

Over the last two weeks work has been continuing on the organ and on the sound and vision installation.  Both these elements of the programme are progressing steadily, but slowly, as they involve a lot of very intricate work and miles (it seems to the layman) of fine wires, particularly in the back of the organ console.  A man from Pilbeam has spent a day this week putting right some minor items on the snagging list, and a plumber has visited to cure a couple of small water leaks under sinks.  The outer glass doors have now been made and are ready for fitting, but we still await news of the fitting date, which will also be the day that the new steel frame will be fitted in the tower arch, and the template made for the inner door glass. 

                                                                                    Tom Mitcham, 19th May

                                          Images as at 14th May

The last two weeks have been rather ‘bitty’ as far as work in the church has gone.  The main contractor has been working on some minor items on the snagging list, adjusting doors, fitting backs to some of the cupboards, sorting out minor plumbing issues etc.  The glass manufacturer has made the glass for the outer West door, which is now being decorated.  The steel frame for glass in the arch, which was not made correctly, has been removed, and a new company, engaged by the glass maker, has been to make templates and is now cutting the steel.  The new frame should be fitted within the next two weeks.  The organ builder has made several visits, has completed the new mobile stand for the console and done some cleaning and refurbishment on the main organ.  The lighting is working and is very effective, although some of the emergency lights need to be re-programmed.  The audio-visual main installation should be finished by the end of next week, after which a team of operators will need to be trained up.                          Tom Mitcham, 6th May

This week work in the church has been concentrated mainly on the lighting.  This had been held up by delays in delivery of equipment, but now it’s full steam ahead.  The painter has been putting finishing touches to cupboards, walls and wooden floors.  In the organ loft, under the careful supervision of the organ builder, plywood boards have been fixed to the crumbling wall and sealed, to prevent any more dust and grit getting into the organ pipes.  More of the audio visual equipment has been delivered, and final installation is expected to take place early in May.                         Tom Mitcham, 21st April

     Re-seeded grass in area of S extn

    Sound/lighting controls in N aisle

Update as appearing in May 'Seasigh't
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During last week the audio-visual supplier installed most of the speakers we need.  Within the next couple of weeks we expect him to be installing the amplifiers and other bits of kit which will make the system work (please excuse the non-technical jargon), together with the projection screen.  This week and next the electricians should be completing the lighting installation, which will then have to be set up to operate as we would like.  There was a set-back at the weekend, when the steel surround for the glass and doors in the tower arch was installed and found to be incorrectly made.  It did not fit correctly, so the architect has said it must be re-done.  The outer West door is being made at the moment.  At a site meeting on Friday (15 April) a detailed inspection of Pilbeam’s work  was made and outstanding items listed for completion during next week.                                     Tom Mitcham, 15th April

Photographs by            

     David Stickells and

     Stephen Walby

Although we have no written update this week, here is a selection of photographs showing how the inside of the church is nearing its finished appearance........................

    Storage units in north transept

Reception area at west door

 Catering area - south aisle

Access to the weather vane


All photographs courtesy of David Stickells                                          8th April


Even the strong winds over last weekend couldn’t move the weather vane, although they did dislodge some tiles from the lych gate.  It is to be hoped that the weather vane will soon, for the first time in the 30 years I’ve known it, show the true wind direction.  Inside, woodwork is being stained, locks and handles are being fitted to cupboards, memorial plaques have been replaced on the walls and the cupboard at the West end of the North aisle is ready to receive the audio-visual racks.  We are currently suffering two delays; late delivery of some lighting equipment has caused a knock-on delay to the organ work, which cannot start until all dust making work has finished.  The electricians hope to receive their missing kit for installation during the weeks of 11th and 18th April.  Fingers crossed.                 Tom Mitcham, 29th March

Altar rails & panelling



      Looking towards                the chancel

Looking towards the vestry doorway



Scaffolding has now been built up the tower so that the weather vane can be removed for repair.  The grass seed in the churchyard doesn’t show much sign of sprouting, but perhaps the rain forecast for the Easter weekend will help.  The joinery items (cupboards) have now arrived in the church and are being fitted in place and stained.  Work on the floor has nearly finished – just the last few tiles to lay and some more grouting to be done.  The first loudspeakers for the audio system have been fitted and the contractor has decided that he will begin his main installation in the week beginning 04 April, by which time other dust-creating work should have finished.

                                                                               Tom Mitcham, 23rd March

Update as appearing in April 'Seasight'
20160316 April Seasight.docx
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Monuments moved to make way for the extension have now been re-sited, topsoil has been spread over the area and grass seed sown.  Inside the building the stone floor is nearly complete, plumbers have almost finished their work and the painters are staining all the new woodwork.  Joiners are working off site to produce the storage cupboards, tea station, aumbry shelf and cupboard and audio-visual equipment cupboard, all of which should be delivered and fitted next week.  The clock will also be fitted next week.  Pilbeam are planning to finish on site by the end of next week, but the organ builder, sound and vision team and glass door manufacturer still have work to do, which will take some weeks.                          Tom Mitcham, 17th March

The church this week is still full of carpenters, painters, electricians and floor tilers. It looks chaotic, but everything is slowly progressing towards completion.  On the lighting side we have a further delay, unfortunately, due to late delivery of some components.  Next week work will be starting on putting the monuments back in the churchyard and re-seeding the grass areas, so that the South path can be open by the end of the week (weather permitting of course).  The clock works will be delivered and fitted in the next few days.                                                                 Tom Mitcham, 10th March

New doorway into toilet area
Cupboards and panelling at base of tower

The latest visible sign of progress is the new clock face, which has been fitted on the tower.  The clock works will soon be fitted behind the face, so Rustington residents will once again be able to tell the time (at least to the nearest hour!).


The bell was rehung on Wednesday and sounds much better than before, so soon the clock will be heard as well as seen.  Inside, all the work continues as reported last week.  The curved step at the front of the chancel will have been completed by the time you read this, and tiling of the main chancel area should be well under way.  A couple of problems with electrics and joiners must be overcome, and may add a few days to the contract time, but this is not currently a great cause for concern. 

                                                                                 Tom Mitcham, 3rd March

The bell being raised into the tower.



        Curvature of the             chancel steps.

Shaping and positioning of chancel steps.

Another very busy week in the church this week as all the different trades are working hard to get the job finished.  It’s amazing how they don’t all get in each others’ way all the time, but somehow they seem to be able to work around.  The most difficult to organise is the laying of floor tiles, which potentially interferes with everyone else.  The specially cut stone for the curve of the chancel step is being prepared for laying, and the stone in the West porch is being laid and then cut to accommodate the door hinges.  On the heating system, it has been discovered that some valves have been left off.  These will be fitted in the next few days.  There is also a problem with lighting, as the wrong emergency lights have been ordered.  This too should be sorted fairly quickly.                                     Tom Mitcham, 26th February

   The back door area

Audio visual cabling

New lighting under the organ loft

Update as appearing in March 'Seasight'
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