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Through the year, the Missions Group raises funds for our 3 'link' partners. In addition, the PCC allocates funds from the annual 'tithe' which is calculated as a percentage of the PCC's Unrestricted Income.  The 3 full partners are......

  • Burundi (via our Mission Partner, Alison and Paul Guinness)
  • Family Support Work
  • Friends of Mombasa Children

The Bible Society and The Children's Society also benefit from plate collections taken at one or other of the Christmas services.


A brief description of all the above follows . . . . . .

Friends of the Mombasa Children

This charity has trustees amongst our congregation and provides education and support through sponsorship and donation. Groups from the church visit the schools for practical hands-on help.



January 2019 Newsletter
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Burundi                                                                           Paul and Alison Guinness are our mission partners

                                   NEWSLETTER March 2019

Dear Friends,


Paul writes: It was not where I would have chosen to start.  Where I’d imagined a small, pilot programme in a local church, here I was presenting to denominational head leadership.  Though I worked hard to present in a simple manner, in just 40 minutes, I knew that I was aiming in the dark.  These three leaders were receptive but understandably cautious.  They will discuss and give their response in a few days’.  I’d value your prayers. 

I reflect once again that in Africa, such issues require investment in relationships of trust.  It also underlined how important it is to communicate through the local language and culture.  For these reasons, I praise God for the local connections that He has given me.  Jean and André have encouraged me and engaged with this research project for over a year now.  It was their relationships of trust, built over many years of work with this denomination, that gave me a platform to speak.  I feel like a very small cog wheel in what God is doing here. 

This Saturday (30th) I present to a very different audience: a group of students at our theological college.  My hope is to facilitate discussion along the lines of my previous research as we seek how God would open the door for contextual mission in and beyond Burundi. 

Last month as many of you know, we travelled to two conferences looking at M work globally and in N Africa.  Where I hoped to find answers for our work here in Burundi, I feel that I came away more with the realisation that the questions that we are dealing with are the right ones.  Others around the world are facing these same issues.  As one wise old missionary said to me, beware of relying on academic answers or the experience of others – ask rather what is the Holy Spirit leading towards for your location?  What is the Holy Spirit’s guidance for the place that you are working in?

Alison writes: People often ask how Jeremy and Grace cope with all the international travel.  We work very hard to make it as easy as possible for them.  We find plane journeys easier than car journeys—at least you can move around!  We think it’s us, the parents, who pay the price in terms of feeling tired afterwards!  Overall we are incredibly thankful to God for what He has enabled us to do.  Our trip to the Med, accompanied by my parents who cared for Jeremy, was fruitful.  We were particularly encouraged to learn about a book called, ‘Hybrid Church’ by Roy Moran.  It looks at how existing churches can allow parallel streams to permit more contexualised outreach, using principles from Disciple Making Movements.  I chaired the committee meeting for the South to North Africa P’ship who continue to look at ways of helping Sub Saharan Africans engage in the North.

We returned to Burundi, hitting the ground running with our newly formed monthly prayer meeting with Burundian and missionary colleagues involved in mobilisation.  This time we were praying with some Burundians who are heading to Juba for a mission conference and Dar Es Salaam for training.  We are excited about what God is doing.  Having wondered whether there was enough to get involved in a few months’ back, we are now asking the Lord to guide our involvement very clearly as there’s so much happening!

In addition, our Africa Inland Mission colleague, Tony, has challenged Paul to do some intensive Kirundi language study over the next 3 months.  Pray we can prioritise this.


Prayer points:

- Give thanks for the opportunity Paul had with the denominational leaders to present his thesis as they explore their outreach work in the M city of Rumonge.  Pray the Holy Spirit guides their decisions and future work Paul is asked to do.
- Ask for Paul’s presentation to students at the theological college on Sat 30th Mar, especially for clarity as to how to move forward.
- Praise for Paul receiving good medical treatment on our travels for a spider bite, which is now healing well.
- Paul’s Kirundi language study to be focussed and successful.
- Continued help to balance family life and ministry.

WhatsApp AG: +44 7979 553436; PG: +44 7708 901817  
Burundi postal address: BP 6323 Kinindo, Bujumbura, Burundi, East Africa

UK postal address: Racquets, The Coppice, Rustington, West Sussex BN16 3TP

We’re so grateful to the individuals and churches who support our ministry.  We look to the Lord for all our funding needs.  If you feel led to give you can GIFT AID IT: or call Stewardship on 020 8502 8560 or ask us for a form.  If you’re not a UK tax payer please ask for our bank or PayPal details or send a cheque to our UK address.  Thanks so much!
If you'd like to receive a one page pdf version of this email for easier printing, please reply with 'one page pdf' as the subject.

If you'd like on the hoof extra prayer info from time to time via WhatsApp, please send Alison a WhatsApp message with 'extra prayer info' in it.


Family Support Work

This charity is UK based and supports families going through difficulties.

News & Events - April 2019 Newsletter

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The Bible Society

This parish has supported the work of the Bible Society for several years. Bible Sunday, which usually falls in October is marked by some kind of special service, which may include an outside speaker. This is usually followed by a display in the church hall of Bibles and Bible Reading materials.

Our home-groups give regularly to Bible-Society by donating their coffee money and several members are part of the Bible-a Month scheme. Bible society was featured as our chosen charity in our Christmas Card Tree appeal, two years ago. Updates of Bible Society news appear on the Missions Notice Board, in occasional articles in Seasight and on the Bible Society website.

The Children's Society

Our 'BAKE & BREW' event will be held on Saturday, 30th March from 10.00am until 12 noon in the Church Hall.  Please see the 'Events' page for full details.



The Children’s Society has been supported by St. Peter and St. Paul since the time when there were two children’s homes here in Rustington - Fairlight on the Worthing Road and Carruthers Corfield House in Shaftesbury Road. Members of the church, who formed House Committees, visited these homes regularly. Fund-raising events were held to provide treats for the children.This continued until the early eighties when the homes closed and the charity started to focus on community care.


Minutes of a meeting held in 1980 record that although the local homes closed, the “Appeal’s Committee” would continue to support the Society as it worked to help vulnerable children.


Jessica Meale from the Society, gave a brief outline of current projects when she joined us for the Vintage Tea Party.


During the last year:-

Through our direct work we reached over 23,000 children across 98 services and centres, which include those at risk or affected by drug and alcohol abuse and sexual exploitation, thousands of young runaways, those with physical or learning difficulties, those living in poverty and Young Carers.


As a direct result of intense lobbying through the Fair & Square campaign, 160,000 more children living in poverty started getting a free nutritious school meal.


More than 40 local authorities have signed up to our Runaways Charter.


The society has influenced new Government guidance protecting hundreds of young trafficking victims.


Following the publication of our Hidden from View report and two decades of campaigning, this year saw a change in law to support thousands of young carers.


Every year the Transform Awards sets the standard for brand development and positioning work in Europe. The Children’s Society has put children’s stories at the centre of its work. In recognition of the Best Visual Identity from a Not for Profit Organisation, the panel of judges awarded a bronze medal to the society. This positive recognition from such a prestigious organisation will enable the society to increase its work with children, families, local authorities and government.


Jessica stressed that at the heart of the success of the society are the volunteers and supporters. She extended her gratitude to the people in Rustington who support events organised by the committee. We were delighted that the Vintage Tea Party raised £600.06 for disadvantaged children.


To find out more about The Church of England Children’s Society visit  

                                                                                                      Iris Hayes

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Read the latest Newsletters from Friends of Mombasa Children, Family Support Work and Alison & Paul in Burundi on the Missions page.

Latest News Sheet

Notice Sheet for Sunday 21st April
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Notice Sheet for Sunday 14th April
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